Our Winning Approach to Leadership Development

03 May Our Winning Approach to Leadership Development

Around the Capitol City Expansion office, we believe being a good leader means helping others succeed. As we prepare our team members to take on leadership roles, we focus on a few key principles. Here are the things we keep in mind as we equip our brand managers for the challenges of leading others:

• Mentors Matter: We do our best to pair each potential frontrunner in our office with a mentor who understands the challenges of leading. Great coaches can be the difference when it comes to people reaching their potential. With mentors who know what it takes to thrive and inspire others, members of Team Capitol City Expansion are better positioned to take the reins.

• Show the Big Picture: There are many different tracks that could lead to high positions of authority in our business. We want our team members to recognize that not every leadership journey is the same, and that their unique talents might be suited to specific roles they hadn’t thought about before.

• A Positive Mind-Set Is Vital: We encourage our would-be leaders to embrace gratitude as they advance in their careers. Being grateful for what they have helps our brand managers produce better ideas, become better team players, and inspire others by projecting positivity.

We let these guidelines shape our efforts to develop effective business leaders. Like Capitol City Expansion on Facebook to learn more about our in-depth training program.

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