Volunteer and Improve Company Culture

23 Feb Volunteer and Improve Company Culture

Within our Capitol City Expansion team are individuals who have chosen to put a priority on giving back to the community. We’ve found that volunteering, and having that central to our corporate objectives, really helps create a positive team environment. When people can work together to achieve a goal for the greater good, they not only feel good about themselves, they feel good about each other.

Each quarter, Capitol City Expansion team members set giveback goals to go alongside our business expectations. Generally, these include participating in events, fundraisers, or other projects. One or two team members then take responsibility for leading the way. This includes coordinating plans with the local charity. It also means making sure team members are informed of the plans and getting everyone excited to participate.

Having a chance to lead one of these events is often among the first chances our new team members have to manage initiatives and organize plans. It’s a great way for them to practice the new business skills they’ve been learning, work with the rest of our team, and do something that makes them feel good.

If you’re interested in learning more about Capitol City Expansion, our team, and the projects we participate in each quarter, join our Facebook community.

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