Our Training and Coaching Sets the Pace for Success

18 Jan Our Training and Coaching Sets the Pace for Success

When someone joins Team Capitol City Expansion, he or she has a variety of resources to help learn and grow. JC S., our company’s CEO, noted that each person learns differently, so we make sure our training and coaching systems can be personalized. The results of our development efforts are team members who are confident in their skills and ready to tackle big challenges from day one on the job.

We call our initial training system the Young Entrepreneur Program because it provides real-world education in every aspect of our business. JC explained that every new hire rotates through all our operations, working on real projects all the while. Incoming team members get to see what makes our company unique as they learn the ropes and become more self-assured.

Coaching is personalized in our workspace, with each new hire getting paired with a seasoned brand expert who can offer an insider’s take on achieving advancement at Capitol City Expansion. This one-to-one guidance is the essence of our training approach. It ensures complete knowledge transfer and creates camaraderie that lasts long into every career journey. As they perfect their skills, team members move on to help newer brand experts develop and keep the YEP cycle going.

We take pride in preparing people for long-term success. Like Capitol City Expansion on Facebook for more details on our training approach.

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