Tips for Ethical Business Leadership

03 Mar Tips for Ethical Business Leadership

There are many times when it’s tough to make the ethical choice as a business leader. Especially in such a competitive marketplace, the temptation to take shortcuts or betray your company’s core values is common. When you encounter any type of ethical problem, we at Capitol City Expansion encourage you to use the following strategies to your advantage.

When you encounter an ethical dilemma, try not to focus too much on the actions of the parties involved. Instead, think about the ground rules that apply to each person or group and how you might be able to change them with the goal of preventing future problems.

Once you know who is affected by an ethical problem, we at Capitol City Expansion encourage you to stand in the shoes of those individuals. Try to determine which of these people differ with you the most, and then meet with them to assess their interests and concerns.

With all this knowledge in hand, you must then use what is known as the global benefit approach to find the solution that will cause the most balanced benefits for all involved. If you can find a remedy that doesn’t violate the ground rules people came into the situation with, you’re on the right track to a fruitful resolution.

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