Team Building With Fitness

24 Jan Team Building With Fitness

There are many fun ways to do team-building activities, but one idea we’ve explored recently at Capitol City Expansion was having a fitness challenge. We want to encourage all our team members to stay healthy while keeping them engaged at work. Generating a little friendly competition is always a great way to put smiles on everyone’s faces. Here are some ideas on how to set up a team fitness challenge:

• Set the Prizes: You can have both fun prizes and serious prizes. You can set them for individuals and groups. Having something to work toward, even if it’s something as silly as wearing a paper crown for the day, motivates people to participate.

• Work With Charity: Many charities host 5K run/walk events, so you can combine your team-building and challenges with work toward supporting a favorite cause. Our Capitol City Expansion team likes to participate in charitable events as a group and give back while getting active.

• Team Obstacle Course: Doing a ropes course or obstacle course together is a classic team-building activity, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a lot of fun. Look for one that includes a zipline or a whitewater trip to make it even more of an adventure.

Team building should include fun activities that get everyone involved, happy, and working together. For more ideas and to see pictures of our events, follow Capitol City Expansion on Facebook.

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