The Surest Ways to Impress During an Interview

16 Nov The Surest Ways to Impress During an Interview

As we’ve evaluated potential additions to Team Capitol City Expansion, we’ve identified some of the best things candidates can do to impress hiring managers. With the right kind of preparation, jobseekers can put themselves in position to stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps the most important thing candidates can do is research the company they hope to join. When we welcome a potential hire into the Capitol City Expansion office, we want to see that he or she knows some specifics about what we do. It’s also important to know that a prospective hire fully understands the duties of the position he or she wants to fill.

It’s also essential that interviewees get the timing right when it comes to arriving at an office. Showing up too early for an appointment has a way of putting undue pressure on the person carrying out the interview. Being late is a non-starter, so it’s vital for jobseekers to be just early enough to show that they’re excited about the interview. Typically, being 10 or 15 minutes early is the best bet.

Projecting confidence is essential for any interviewee. Being prepared for the most common interview questions helps immensely in this regard, as does body language. Sitting tall and straight while leaning in slightly toward the interviewer is a great start.

These are a few things we look for when we gauge potential hires. Learn more about how we approach interviews by liking Capitol City Expansion on Facebook.

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