Spotlight on Genesis, Our New Superstar

19 Apr Spotlight on Genesis, Our New Superstar

When it comes to being a rock star, Genesis, one of Capitol City Expansion’s newest administrative assistants, has what it takes. She’s only been with our team a short time, but she’s made a huge impact on our office as she works diligently to improve the work environment for everyone.

We guess you could say we’re lucky to have such amazing talent around Capitol City Expansion. But it takes more than hiring top-notch people like Genesis to build a productive and happy team. It’s all about our culture, which is heavy on recognizing individual and team success and includes this blog.

What are some of the best practices for keeping team members motivated and feeling appreciated? Let’s explore:

• Be Sincere: While everyone likes to be valued for what they do, there needs to be a balance so that shows of gratitude still feel special. In other words, we say thank you when we really mean it.

• Be Specific: Recognition is about reinforcing good behaviors and hard work. Not only should we let someone know about a job well done, but clarify what it is he or she did right and the impact it had. This way, they are motivated to duplicate success.

• Make It Fun: Special touches are the proverbial carrots that add an extra dose of motivation to reach goals. Capitol City Expansion’s reward program includes everything from small gift cards to an all-expenses-paid R&R retreat.

We’re excited for Genesis and look forward to what she and the other rock stars on our team do. Check out our Newswire to see who gets the spotlight next.

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