Showing New Hires the Path to Success

05 Jul Showing New Hires the Path to Success

Our management training program is one of Capitol City Expansion’s prime attractions for top-flight talent. We know the importance of setting each member of our team up for success, so we pair our new additions with seasoned pros right off the bat. This is the ideal way to show incoming brand managers the path to long-term success. Beyond that, this approach also allows friendships to be created from the first day a new hire steps into our office.

We’ve found that a few key strategies make any training system more effective. Making sure it’s aligned with larger company goals and guiding values is perhaps the most important thing you can do. When we welcome people to Team Capitol City Expansion, we want them to know exactly what to expect. This goes for everything from everyday teamwork to the kinds of feedback they’ll receive. We make sure everyone is on the same page.

It’s also helpful to run a training program like a business. For us, this means setting clear goals and milestones along the development path. We want our learning team members to be able to measure their progress and celebrate their wins. Analyzing the benefits of our training is also important, because we get to understand how everyone in our office comes out ahead.

We’re excited about priming new hires to succeed. Learn more about our training program by liking Capitol City Expansion on Facebook.

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