Seeing the Big Picture at Dallas Conference

04 May Seeing the Big Picture at Dallas Conference

Travel opportunities dot the Capitol City Expansion calendar, so we’re always looking forward to our next chance to hit the road. Recently, a few of our top performers attended the quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas. Nick, Kevin, and Terryck were the brand experts chosen to go on this rewarding trip.

JC S., our firm’s CEO, explained why these three were selected to attend the Dallas conference. “Nick is so full of life, outgoing, and energetic,” he stated. “He has a passion for helping others, which made him an ideal choice to go to Dallas and see the bigger picture of our industry.”

Our CEO continued, “Kevin’s attention to detail, drive to hit goals, and willingness to go above and beyond all made him a logical selection for the event. Although Terryck has been with us for a short time, the signs of growth and maturity are undeniable. He’s got a bright future as a member of Team Capitol City Expansion.”

During the conference, our team members were able to see firsthand how other top performers have progressed in their careers. In the process, our people pinpointed their own weaknesses and formulated plans for turning them into strengths.

Nick, Kevin, and Terryck have already begun applying what they learned during the conference around the Capitol City Expansion office. Check out our Newswire for updates on our travel events.

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