Our Secret to Building Successful Careers

06 Jul Our Secret to Building Successful Careers

The job market is filled with companies looking to fill a void in their operations and hire someone for a role. Capitol City Expansion is a bit different. We want to fill a void in the lives of ambitious people who seek a satisfying career. From our recruitment process through our ongoing training and advancement policies, we have the resources and support people need to excel professionally and personally in the sales and marketing field.

“We firmly believe that our business success is tied directly to our people’s achievements and sense of fulfillment,” said JC S., Capitol City Expansion’s CEO. “Our professional development program brings this ideal to reality.”

What gives Capitol City Expansion a clear edge over other firms is the immense pride we take in ensuring that each person on our team has a defined pathway to achieve his or her career goals. “Starting day one, incoming brand specialists gain hands-on experience in our interactive marketing methods,” JC noted. “They learn how to conduct research, connect with customers, and get results. Each one works alongside a coach who offers feedback and guidance. As our new people master new skills, they become exposed to new opportunities to grow and advance, provided they bring the hard work and determination it takes to succeed.”

As our promotional experts reach new career heights, we have room to grow our team. Check out our Newswire for updates on hiring.

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