How We Reinforce Good Communication Skills

05 Oct How We Reinforce Good Communication Skills

Around the Capitol City Expansion office, we’re committed to developing and refining excellent communication skills. This goes for both personal and professional interactions, as they play key roles in long-term success.

We provide our brand experts with a range of opportunities to interact with and learn from successful leaders in our industry. By traveling to new places for conferences, cross-training, and networking events, our team members gain helpful insights on the art of communicating well. We also host internal workshops in which we teach the tricks of the trade to our new hires and seasoned team members. In short, we’re always working to become better communicators.

One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned is how important clear expectations are. We make our desired outcomes as specific as possible in all contexts. By using direct language and getting right to the point, we leave no room for doubt or confusion.

Body language is another area in which we focus our Capitol City Expansion training. We maintain open postures when we speak with consumers, standing tall and straight at the same time. Eye contact is another essential element of communication, so we make sure to stay focused so our counterparts know we’re fully engaged in the discussion.

These are just a few of the ways we maintain strong communication skills. Follow Capitol City Expansion on Twitter to learn more of our best tips for clear messaging.

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