Putting Kevin in Our Company Spotlight

01 Feb Putting Kevin in Our Company Spotlight

We’re always happy to put our top performers in the Capitol City Expansion spotlight. Kevin is the latest brand expert to receive the honor. A recent graduate of the University of Oregon, he has become an indispensable member of our team with his forward-looking mind-set.

JC S., our firm’s CEO, explained that Kevin has a remarkable ability to persevere. He added that Kevin never lets anything get him down. Instead, he finds ways to turn negative outcomes into learning experiences. JC also stated that Kevin takes unexpected events in stride. More so, he shapes them into valuable lessons in the process.

Kevin’s positive outlook allows him to see the big picture and help everyone achieve success. He makes himself available to assist his teammates even as he pursues his own ambitious career aims. This is one of the main reasons Kevin has become such a key asset and an ideal role model for everyone on Team Capitol City Expansion.

JC noted that recognition is a major part of our company ethos. He believes putting those who excel in the company spotlight encourages everyone else to elevate their games as well. It’s a cycle that fuels bigger and bigger wins for the brands we promote.

We’re lucky to have Kevin setting the pace for our team. For more on our standout brand experts, be sure to follow Capitol City Expansion on Twitter.

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