PRESS RELEASE: Capitol City Expansion’s Growth Spurs Move to New Office

15 Feb PRESS RELEASE: Capitol City Expansion’s Growth Spurs Move to New Office

FAIRFIELD, CA – Capitol City Expansion’s CEO detailed the company’s move into a fresh workspace, which was prompted by ongoing growth. He also outlined the emphasis on goal setting that fuels the firm’s success.

A move to a new office space has created a lot of excitement for members of Team Capitol City Expansion. JC S., the firm’s CEO, explained that steady growth prompted company leaders to find a space to accommodate an even larger team and encourage just as much teamwork. He added that the modern new workspace is the ideal place to suit both objectives. Combined with its clean look, the new office provides spaces for team members to devise innovative ideas in private and fuse their skills as a group.

Continuing growth is the main focus for Capitol City Expansion in 2019, so moving into an inspiring new workspace is the most fitting way to kick off the year. JC added that promoting the office through the firm’s website and social media pages lets promoted brands and consumers know that big things are ahead in the year to come. Having established a reputation as a leading provider of on-site sales promotions, the exciting step up to a bigger office is another signal that even greater success is on the way.

The CEO noted that a morale boost among team members is another key benefit of the recent move. He stated that the firm’s brand experts have no trouble staying motivated, but a further investment in their success promises an even more engaged team.

Capitol City Expansion’s CEO on the Goal-Setting Strategies That Fuel the Firm’s Growth

A broad emphasis on setting clear and ambitious goals permeates the Capitol City Expansion work culture. JC explained that from each team member’s first days on the job, he or she is encouraged to establish specific benchmarks for development. Even after brand experts have begun to achieve their highest career aspirations, they are still committed to setting the bar higher thanks to the firm’s goal-setting philosophy.

Measurability is a key attribute of any worthwhile goal according to JC. It’s one of the central tenets of the Capitol City Expansion approach to sustaining success. Team members establish targets that allow for monitoring progress. The CEO explained that when people know where they stand in the goal-fulfillment process, they can adjust course when necessary. He added that measuring progress is also one of the best ways for people to stay highly engaged as they pursue their objectives.

About Capitol City Expansion:

Capitol City Expansion, Inc. is a goal-oriented firm that specializes in the planning and implementation of potent advertising campaigns. These innovative programs increase brand awareness, consumer engagement, and market share growth using meticulous research and analysis. The firm’s strategy provides high-value returns by compelling consumers to keep coming back to the brands they represent. The firm’s impressive outreach initiatives nourish enduring, mutually beneficial connections between clients and consumers, far outperforming the competition. For more details on the services they offer, contact

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