PRESS RELEASE: Capitol City Expansion Ready to Add Skilled Professionals

17 May PRESS RELEASE: Capitol City Expansion Ready to Add Skilled Professionals

FAIRFIELD, CA – Capitol City Expansion’s CEO discussed the firm’s current hiring push and the in-depth training incoming brand managers receive. He also highlighted some ways fast-growing companies find the best talent.

As the company continues to exceed growth projections and build its reputation as an interactive marketing innovator, Capitol City Expansion leaders announced a hiring push. JC S., the firm’s CEO, explained that hiring managers will be looking for self-motivated individuals who want to help fuel further expansion. The CEO encouraged May college graduates to apply, along with those who are looking for rewarding new career possibilities.

JC added that new additions to Team Capitol City Expansion benefit from immersive training that prepares them for a wide range of professional roles. He stated that there’s no better way to gain the skills and knowledge needed for lasting success than to learn through experience. From their first days on the job, the firm’s brand managers take part in real-world projects. Doing so helps them learn how their unique talents will play in the competitive on-site sales promotions industry.

Ongoing learning opportunities take many forms for the firm’s brand managers, both in and out of the Capitol City Expansion office. JC explained that internal training sessions are frequent occurrences, as is helpful feedback from supervisors. Team members can also earn travel incentives that include educational conferences, workshops, and cross-training trips to other offices.

Capitol City Expansion’s CEO Shares Strategies for Adding Top-Flight Talent

When it comes to identifying and hiring the best possible candidates, JC has learned some valuable lessons over the years. He explained that one of the most effective ways to attract top-shelf talent is to highlight the Capitol City Expansion work culture. By making it clear that recognition, ongoing improvement, and merit-based advancement fuel the company’s continuing success, the CEO and the firm’s hiring managers make a compelling case to prospective hires.

JC also believes in a data-focused approach to weeding out the best of the best in any group of candidates. He explained that by evaluating the job descriptions that attracted a company’s best performers, hiring managers can lock in on what brought energetic and motivated people on board. From there, it’s easier to refine a job listing and identify the strongest fit.

Whatever other methods are used to find the best talent, JC added that focusing on core values is always a top priority. When they find candidates who mirror the Capitol City Expansion principles of motivation, innovation, and teamwork, the firm’s hiring managers know they’re on the right track.

About Capitol City Expansion:
Capitol City Expansion, Inc. is a goal-oriented firm that specializes in the planning and implementation of potent advertising campaigns. These innovative programs increase brand awareness, consumer engagement, and market share growth using meticulous research and analysis. The firm’s strategy provides high-value returns by compelling consumers to keep coming back to the brands they represent. The firm’s impressive outreach initiatives nourish enduring, mutually beneficial connections between clients and consumers, far outperforming the competition. For more details on the services they offer, contact

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