A New Year Means New Opportunities on Our Team

04 Jan A New Year Means New Opportunities on Our Team

We’re excited to announce that we’re adding to Team Capitol City Expansion as we jump into another successful year! JC S., our firm’s CEO, explained that we’re looking for people who want to learn and grow within our business. We urge anyone with a desire to learn new things to apply today!

There are a few simple strategies we use to make new additions to our team feel welcome. The first one actually takes place before any hiring decisions are made, as we give candidates extensive tours of our workspace. We want everyone to get an in-depth look at our organization’s values and culture in action so that we have a feel for how a person would fit. For those who are selected to come on board, these tours mean they already feel comfortable in the Capitol City Expansion office.

We also try to provide each new hire with as many details about the team he or she will be working with before the first day on the job. Combined with the fact that incoming brand experts are matched with seasoned in-office coaches, this means everyone who steps into our team atmosphere is quickly prepared to thrive with confidence.

Those who join our team are properly equipped for success from day one. Follow Capitol City Expansion on Twitter for hiring news and more of our best onboarding recommendations.

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