Networking Opportunities Await in Dallas

07 Jun Networking Opportunities Await in Dallas

Our next big Capitol City Expansion travel opportunity will take us to a conference in Dallas. This event is a prime chance for newer members of our team to visit a new location and learn from successful people of all kinds. Along with all the fun we’ll have in the heart of Texas, we’ll also add to our contact lists.

JC S., our firm’s CEO, believes these kinds of networking events are huge for professional growth. He explained that when we build connections with successful peers, we can learn how they overcame adversity. We often meet people who have gone through the same challenges we have, so we come back to the Capitol City Expansion office with fresh approaches to try.

Through our networking efforts, we’ve learned a few valuable techniques to smooth the process. First of all, we do our best to be active participants at all times. In other words, we’re ready when discussions go in unexpected directions. Although we have strong elevator pitches in mind, we aren’t afraid to go beyond the usual business topics.

We also take notes during our networking exploits. Just like we would when training, we know retaining info from our new contacts is easier when we write it down. We use the backs of business cards to log a few interesting tidbits from each encounter.

We’re ready to make the most of our Dallas trip. Follow Capitol City Expansion on Twitter for updates from the road.

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