Networking: The Key to Career Success

20 Jul Networking: The Key to Career Success

In the sales and marketing business, networking IS what we do. It’s one of the skills we focus on continually in our Capitol City Expansion HQ. We believe that effective and appropriate connection skills give our people an edge when it comes to building their lists of personal and professional contacts that will last a lifetime. JC S., our CEO, shares some of the advice he imparts with our team:

• Be Genuine: “Whether we’re talking about our skills or how we present ourselves, the best rule of thumb is to keep it real,” JC noted. “Authenticity builds trusts and lends credibility far more than attempts to be impressive that don’t reflect who we really are.”

• Be a Good Listener: “In our Capitol City Expansion office, we practice active listening,” JC said. “Our goal in each conversation is to learn more about the other person, with the intent to understand. We can ask questions to draw more information, ultimately looking for that one thing we have in common.”

• Be Discerning: “When members of Team Capitol City Expansion head to a networking event, we emphasize quality over quantity,” JC added. “It’s better to come home with two or three strong connections with whom we can build relationships than hundreds of business cards of people we can’t place.”

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