How We Keep Our Eyes on the Prize

09 Aug How We Keep Our Eyes on the Prize

Staying productive every day has been a big part of our Capitol City Expansion success. We frequently exchange tips on getting things done around the office, always looking for an extra edge in our competitive industry. These are a few of the ways we’ve found to stay on top of our game at all times:

• Reminding Ourselves of Our Talents: Self-esteem plays a huge role in what we can achieve. Whenever we need an extra jolt to check things off our to-do lists, we tell ourselves that we’re capable of greatness. Some affirmations are usually all it takes to get back on the right track.

• Getting Enough Rest: Sleep is also key to getting things done. In fact, one study showed that losing just over 15 minutes of sleep can harm your ability to stay focused. We’ve made healthy sleep routines big parts of our Capitol City Expansion success. There’s just no substitute for being focused and well rested.

• Fighting Stress: Anxiety can diminish performance, but we do our best to rise above it. Staying on the positive sides of things is a great way to defeat stress. We meditate and keep our thoughts set on winning outcomes at all times in order to maintain the right mind-sets.

These practices help us stay on the leading edge of our industry. To learn more of our tips for getting lots of things done day after day, follow Capitol City Expansion on LinkedIn.

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