What Happens When We Think Like Entrepreneurs

05 Apr What Happens When We Think Like Entrepreneurs

Career success is about way more than just having excellent skills and knowledge. Within Capitol City Expansion, we believe if you want to go far in business, you need to think like an entrepreneur. Let’s step through what this means to us.

First of all, an entrepreneurial mind-set doesn’t require owning a company. However, as we’ve learned through our Capitol City Expansion model, when people are empowered to treat a firm as if it’s their own, the impact is quite powerful for everyone.

For team members, it’s about developing skills that allow us to lead, no matter where we are in our careers. This can include anything from learning how to run an office to training other team members. Most importantly, it’s about developing confidence and taking initiative, whether it’s making a decision, delegating to another expert with different skills, or improving processes.

When companies encourage their people to think like owners, it pays dividends for them as well. Now they have teams who share their visions and understand the purpose, or WHY, in everything they do. That sense of responsibility goes a long way towards productivity and collaboration because each person knows how his or her role connects with every other function in the firm.

Once this mind-set is embedded, it tends to reflect on every facet of people’s lives, including reaching their goals.

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