Giving Venesse Some Time in the Spotlight

09 Mar Giving Venesse Some Time in the Spotlight

We’ve collected an impressive amount of talent under the Capitol City Expansion roof. There’s always someone worthy of the spotlight, and this month it’s Venesse C. She’s consistently willing to go above and beyond to achieve her objectives and help others as well.

“Venesse absorbs all the information she learns through training and applies it immediately,” explained JC S., our firm’s CEO. “She’s committed to perfecting her job so she can train others to advance in their own careers. We’re lucky to have Venesse as part of Team Capitol City Expansion.”

One reason Venesse has been so successful is her willingness to receive and apply honest feedback. “She has a strong sense of self-awareness,” JC added. “This allows her to fully understand her strengths and weaknesses. She asks questions about her own performance with improvement in mind, which helps her make meaningful progress toward her biggest goals.”

Venesse also brings a positive attitude into the Capitol City Expansion office every day. “Her enthusiasm is contagious,” JC stated. “Venesse doesn’t let unexpected outcomes bring her down; she keeps her head up and finds the valuable lesson to be gained. She sets a great example for her teammates by maintaining this type of mind-set.”

We’re happy to have Venesse setting the pace for great performance around our office. Follow us on Twitter for updates on her and all our brand ambassadors.

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