Our Exciting Team Get-Togethers

08 Jun Our Exciting Team Get-Togethers

Here at Capitol City Expansion HQ, we have a close-knit team of promotional specialists. Along with our spirited collaboration on the job, we also enjoy spending time together away from work. We’re a very sports-minded group, so we especially like watching sporting events with our colleagues.

Our favorite team around the Capitol City Expansion office is the Golden State Warriors, who have won two of the last three NBA championships. Since the 2018 playoffs began, we’ve had even more chances to watch the Warriors play as a team. It’s so much fun to cheer on our favorite basketball team after a long day at work.

JC S., our firm’s CEO, explained, “Getting together away from the demands of the workday allows our team members to learn more about each other as people. This is a powerful contributor to our company’s ongoing success, because our people are more attuned to the unique talents we’ve collected in our office. The fact that we get to root for a true sports dynasty as a team makes our outings even more rewarding. We’re inspired by the Warriors every time they take the court. We do our best to emulate the selfless and seemingly effortless excellence players like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant display between the lines.”

We’re excited to follow the Warriors’ postseason run with our teammates. Follow Capitol City Expansion on Twitter to learn more about our many team outings.

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