The Basics of Building a Professional Network

15 Mar The Basics of Building a Professional Network

We recently returned from a big networking event in Dallas, where industry leaders from across the country met for a weekend of learning and sharing best practices. When we returned, we wanted to review some contacting basics for our new people, so that when they had a chance to attend a major conference they would be prepared to connect with other rising stars as well. These are Capitol City Expansion guidelines for building a network:

• Be Genuine: Building a contact list can be thought of as seeking out a group of friends who are united by a passion for achievement. When it comes to making any connection, the best foundation is one of trust, and that is created when people are honest with one another.

• Look for Ways to Give: While networking involves finding those who can help us achieve our Capitol City Expansion goals, it’s also about finding ways to serve others. In fact, that’s the attitude we go into a contacting event with: we seek to be of service before asking for anything in return.

Networking provides access to a larger pool of knowledge than we could ever hope to gain on our own, and also helps us learn about business opportunities before those who are not as well connected as we are. Learn more about our guidelines for building a network by checking out our Capitol City Expansion Newswire feed.

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