How We Approach Leadership Development

03 Aug How We Approach Leadership Development

Members of Team Capitol City Expansion receive all kinds of opportunities to hone their leadership skills. JC S., our firm’s CEO, explained, “We send our branding experts to conferences and other industry events at which they interact with top leaders. Combined with our internal training sessions, these experiences help our team members find and develop their leadership potential.”

JC believes a good leader must be open, collaborative, and have a true passion for his or her business. Within our company, we focus on a few key strategies that help us develop frontrunners who embody these essential qualities.

One thing we’re sure to do is help our future leaders understand the big picture of our firm and the opportunities we provide. “We outline the promotion tracks available to motivated people,” JC added. “From there, we can help our branding experts create plans to help them reach their aspirations. Along the way, we provide training to help our emerging leaders understand how they can help others reach their own unique goals.”

We also believe in the power of mentorship when it comes to leadership growth. “Having someone to confide in is huge,” our CEO added. “Whether or not it’s someone from Capitol City Expansion, we encourage our team members to find coaches who have reached the career levels they aspire to attain. The right mentor can push a potential leader from good to great.”

These tenets help us develop skilled all-around leaders. Follow Capitol City Expansion on Twitter for more on our training approach.

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