The Collaborative Power of Capitol City Expansion, Inc.’s Team

At Capitol City Expansion, Inc., we believe strongly in the positive impact of teamwork. Every groundbreaking campaign we manage is realized by our tightly knit yet diverse team of promotional experts who work harmoniously together to elicit unparalleled results. Our stellar leadership and progressive training program are responsible for our team’s remarkable success in new markets and expanding service areas. We take great care to reward those who produce outstanding results for both our clients and our firm.

Expert Knowledge and Skill

We owe the success of every campaign we run to our amazing team of promotional experts. Capitol City Expansion, Inc. embraces the inherent worth of integrity, professionalism, and innovation – all of which our professionals emulate perfectly. By valuing their unique qualities, we encourage creativity through collaboration.

Capitol City Expansion, Inc.’s President

Joseph S.

Joseph was born in Harriesburg, Mississippi, and raised in the Bay Area of California. Over the years he has learned the value of diligence and teamwork, which has informed his leadership style by prompting him to encourage and empower others to accomplish feats they never thought possible.

Joseph credits the rising success of his company to great mentors, who have also motivated him to pass his knowledge on to others who possess the same longing to learn. He lives by the motto that achieving excellence is a matter of staying focused and doing what he knows best, while remembering his roots.