The Passion that Drives us at Capitol City Expansion, Inc.

Capitol City Expansion, Inc. serves a multitude of industries, helping businesses reach their target audiences without the extensive use of resources required to maintain internal marketing departments. Our unique outsourced promotional solution has popularized our firm, earning us repeat business and affording us the ability to customize initiatives to meet unique advertising objectives.

Capitol City Expansion, Inc.’s Corporate Culture

We at Capitol City Expansion, Inc. believe that any aspiring individual can succeed at our firm, which attracts the industry’s sharpest minds. We offer rapid merit-based career growth and supportive leadership and individualized training program to accelerate advancement. We look forward to helping our promotional specialists achieve every goal they set.

Excellence Guaranteed

We have cultivated an atmosphere that exemplifies commitment to our clients. We exponentially expand brand awareness by targeting specific audiences, which ensures that both clients and consumers benefit from our initiatives. Exceeding their expectations has made Capitol City Expansion, Inc. a leader in the marketing sector. Our clients receive complete dedication from everyone – at every level – in our firm. This is all due to our core values:

Discipline | Integrity | Accountability | Team-mindedness

Benefits and Company Perks

We value our ability to maintain an environment that is simultaneously relaxed and dynamic. The Capitol City Expansion, Inc. office accommodates a variety of needs and personality types. Whether you’re diligently working to meet a hard deadline or seeking a place to rest your mind, we have a space to offer. In addition to regular team outings, we enjoy a number of benefits on a daily basis. Not only do these perks keep us focused and creative – they also act as further encouragement to strive for excellence on behalf of our team, our clients, and their consumers.